Not able to route traffic through pfSense

  • I'm having trouble routing from LAN interface to WAN interface. I have one WAN interface connected to a leased line with 5 public IPs available. I've chosen one IP for WAN interface of pfSense. I've also added LAN interface with IP and a dhcp server. I've attached a brief map of the network.

    I've tried everything. I am able to ping my router gateway from LAN systems but not able to talk to WAN. I have default Firewall LAN rules. I've allowed a couple of IPs from WAN so as to provide access to our remote office.

    ![Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.50.45 AM.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.50.45 AM.png)

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    No idea how you could make that not work.  Making it fail is harder than making it work.

    You'll need to post more specifics about your WAN and the rest of your config.

    Did you start with a clean install?  Follow along with the installer script?

    Can you ping the WAN default gateway from pfSense?

  • Might be worth checking the masking you have on the WAN address. Is it correct? If so, you should be able to ping the default gateway (router) from the WAN side of the firewall. SSH onto the pfsense and see if that works. If you can get that far the next thing would be to see if you can ping any external address (eg: Assuming you can do that, then about the only thing left which might be causing an issue would probably be DNS. Assuming you've just set up the firewall in an 'out-of-the-box' fashion, then these are about the only things I can imagine which might be wrong.

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    did you set the pfsense lan interface gw to itself?

    You would be amazed at how often this is seen - for the life of my I don't understand it.. But see it all the time..

    Also just for curiosity why would you use a /16???  Come on.. so you might need 65K IPs on the same segment??

  • what does your tracert / traceroute show ?