Monit "package" for pfSense part 3

  • I finally upgraded from 2.1.3 to 2.2 and had to find my old monit part 2 topic to work out how to install monit again since my old FreeBSD 8.3 based monit obviously didn't work any more.

    It turns out all the instructions still hold except the pkg_add has gone and become even simpler in 2.2. So the first line of my old instructions just became:

    • pkg install monit

    It grabs the correct latest version for the base FreeBSD OS, no need to navigate to a specific URI as per the old method. All my other old symlinks etc still worked but the instructions for installing those would be the same.

    As per the old topic, I use monit to make sure I have a lighttpd serving wpad. Of course, there are other ways to do that but I'm happy with monit.

  • i've been using monit I think since 1.2 days… Great little tool! If I ever start to learn to code, this would be probably be my first pfSense package.