Performance to large network.

  • good Morning

    I have a big doubt.

    Until recently I used Cisco routers, for use as a dhcp server. But due to the performance, just migrating (still in testing) for pfSense

    As I have an average of 30 pools and 1200 customers in total, I would like to know from someone more experienced, with is the performance of pfSense on the use as a DHCP server.

    Do not buy the machine for use of pfSense. But I believe that the hardware does not worry me … but the performance of pfSense.

    I believe that will be bought 2 dell PowerEdge R420 - quad core xeon, with optional 16 gb ram, 500gb ssd drive, 2 gb network cards.

    Anyone ever seen or have any network of this size to use pfSense as dhcp server?

    Now appreciate

  • DHCP as a service shouldn't impact very much on performance, per se. It's simply allocating addresses to hosts. Performance-wise, you should be more concerned about the hardware. Pfsense itself seems to scale very well, by my experience. It's a matter of how beefy your hardware spec is which will define overall performance - meaning throughput/network speed. The spec you've given sounds ample for the number of users you're proposing. Have a look at the link below for a bit more info on requirements/specs.

  • OK.

    All requirements are are compatible.
    In addition to the DHCP server, each dhcp pool will:

    trafic shapping (for pool, not by User)
    up to 400 mb bandwith

    pfSense support this?

  • Again, you are restricted only really by the limitations of the hardware you're using. A 2Gb network card should easily be able to manage 400mb bandwidth. It's a firewall so I should hope it can NAT traffic - it'd be pretty useless if it couldn't.

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