PfSense on BPi Router board?

  • First for who does not know…this is the board I am talking about:

    I plan to develop a (sorta) plug in. I need a hard drive in that router and this one seems to be a neat solution. Well of course there are many other ways to get away for example use cheaper and lower spec hardware just for the prototype, use a USB flash drive instead of a real hard drive etc etc, I just want to know if this will be a good practice?

    As far as I know this board seems to be quite new so there might be some compatibility issues or other gotchas. I am fairly experienced in Linux but not much in FreeBSD although they are quite similar. As for programming I am experienced in C/C++ and Java. I have no experience with ARM.

    Any prediction on how much effort do I need to put into making pfSense work on this board? The programming part is not all that complicated though, I think I can deal with it.

  • First check if freebsd can run on it.
    Second is to build pfSense for it.
    Than follow-up anything else.