Can't access tcp/udp port forwards from LAN

  • After finding that I needed to enable NAT Reflection here on the forum I am able to access all the tcp forwards, but none of the tcp/udp forwards, which is weird.  Any ideas?

    I haven't tried this from a external connection yet, but I did check the ports to make sure they were open using a website, and the ports are open at least.  I've just been trying to access the web pages from my LAN through a dynamic DNS.  So far I tried creating a separate port forward on the Lan, but that didn't work.  I have squid installed.  Not sure if that matters.

  • I think this is an issue with natreflection. Please try to create 2 seperate rules for this, one for tcp and one for udp instead of one combined one.

  • I'll give it a try.  Hopefully I only have to put one firewall entry in.

    EDIT:  That did it.  Seems to be working fine now.  I only had to use one firewall entry too.  So 2 NAT and 1 firewall with tcp/udp.

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