PfSense No Longer Intercepts HTTP/HTTPS Traffic

  • Hey guys,

    So I've done a fresh install of pfSense onto my SuperMicro box, it's exactly the same as the pfSense hardware that they sell, except it was a spare server we had.  Anyway, so I followed the pfSense + Diladele (QLProxy) installation process and initially got everything work.  However, yesterday, everything changed.  Initially users weren't able to just access the internet.  Then after a bounce of the pfSense box.  The internet worked, however, they were no longer being sent through the Squid+Diladele proxy.

    I'm new to pf itself as a firewall, and only just coming to grips with iptables, but was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue?

    I followed these guides:

    No errors are reported in the system logs that can be found.

    System Details:

    pfSense version: 2.1.5

    Installed Packages:

    • squid3-dev
    • havp
    • sarg
    • cron
    • quagga ospfd
    • diladele qlproxy
    • apache22

    I haven't gone through to do any special or specific configurations as yet, and have only just started a simple deployment initially.