Floppy erasement on reboot

  • hello

    I use pfsense since v0.86 on a server without hd and the conf file on a floppy.

    Each time I reboot (usualy for upgrade to a newer version on CD) I lost the conf file on the floppy.
    The only way to keep the conf is to take out the floppy before shutdown and get it back a boot time juste at the right moment…

    I read the forum and saw users with the same probleme but all of them solve it by changing version. I'm on beta 2...

    I supposed it was a format file change, so I setup again the server and try a reboot... Still lost conf...
    Another time I supposed, I forgot writing the conf, but I try again with writing and I still lots the file.

    Is it a bug ? am I doing something wrong ?

    Thank you in advance for your answers
    (I post this on the french forum without answer)

  • Upgrade to beta 2.  Fixed long ago.

  • as I say I am on beta 2….

    the upgrade to beta 2 was the same as usual : lost of my conf file on reboot...

  • You need to reinstall from scratch. That version is way too old to be upgraded.

  • I don't understand what you mean.

    I download a live CD and use it… I change my CD with liveCD iso on each version I try. I don't really "install" or "upgrade" anything. I just change the CD.
    I have made a new floppy from scratch with beta 1 CD. (I supposed that the conf erasement was because of a file format change...). but at each reboot on beta1 with this new floppy I lost the config file.

    Last week, I download beta 2 put it on a CD. I wrote the conf on the floppy with the pfsense menu, and made a copy of this floppy.  Next I reboot my server with the new CD (beta2).
    The file disapeared from the floppy...
    I copy the file again on the floppy. Reboot again : conf lost.
    I configure my lan interface and import the config via the web interface. It force the system to reboot and lost my config...
    At last, I copy again the conf file on the floppy reboot without the floppy in. Juste before the floppy check, I insert it and... miracle, the conf was here and everythings OK...


    Thanks for your answers.

  • I had the same thing happen to my floppy. I just gave up and installed to the HD.

  • This used to be a problem with older versions but is no longer an issue with beta2.  Atleast not with usb memory sticks.  I wouldnt trust a floppy as far as I can throw it.

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