Waiting for final CARP interface bringup….

  • I am using pfSense v1.2 as a very simple firewall/router.  One WAN connection with NAT, bridged DMZ and the LAN.  I have 12 IPSec VPN tunnels to other locations and a small number of firewall rules, 1-1 NAT, etc.  I'm not running any of the services listed on the Web GUI.  During bootup, it takes about 80 seconds for the "Waiting for final CARP interface bringup….." to complete.  Is this normal?  Are there anything that I can do to speed it up?  I don't have this problem with v1.0.1 with the same configuation.  Thanks for any assistance.


  • If you use virtual IPs of type CARP it's normal.

  • Thanks hoba.

    That is what I am confused about. ???  I only have 5 Virtual IP's that are configured as proxy arp.  I don't have anything related to CARP that is configured or activated, to my knowledge.  The extra 80 seconds is not a big deal in production.  It's just while I have it on my workbench and doing numerous reboots do I get impatient. :)


  • Interesting, it should only be triggered when using CARP VIPs. I'll get it on the devlist for discussion.

  • You also don't have any sync setting checked for CARP, right?

  • That is correct.  I have looked at every single configuation page for any settings that might be related to CARP and could not find any checkboxs, etc., that were activated.  I will take another look this morning and let you know if I find anything.

    Thanks again,

  • Hobo,

    If I delete the 5 Proxy ARP entries and reboot, I don't get the "Waiting for final CARP interface bringup" message during bootup and the bootup takes the normal amount of time.  As you're probably aware, the proxy arp entries are for the 1-1 NAT rules for servers in the LAN.


  • We are probably able to optimize this. Thanks for the report.

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