Switching issue

  • Hi guys and gals!

    Well Im gonna post this here since its networking issue.
    I have pfsense and 3 VLANs.
    Then I have 2 Dlink switches, both managed.
    I created trunk (dlink calls it this way) ling aggregation static, not LACP with 2 cables.
    both ports 1 and 2 on both switches are configured in static link aggregation and both ports on both devices are tagged with all 3 vlans (15, 20, 25) default 1 VLAN is not used.
    Now the funny part.
    If Im connected to switch 2, I can access switch 2 interface but I cant access switch 1 interface (web gui), but I can access all hosts connected to it
    If I`m connected to switch 1, I can access both web gui interfaces.

    Any ideas?


    Attached funny image

  • the management interface is generally listening on VLAN1 (on most switches i know). This can of course be modified in some "general settings" menu

    If you are not passing vlan1 (tagged or untagged) over the LAGG, then you won't be able to reach the webgui on the other side.

    I hope it helps

  • Hmmm, Ive set management VLAN to 5, which I pass between switches. I also passed VLAN1 but it didnt made any difference at all.

  • since it works in 1 way, but not the other; it might be a PVID issue on the end where it ISNT working.

    is there are difference in that regard on the LAGG ports ? or on the port where you plug the PC in ?

  • Naah, I solved it…

    Had to select management vlan to 5 and also pass VLAN1 between devices.

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