Typo e.a.: Services / OpenBGPD

  • In
    it says
    "Router IP"
    shouldn't it say
    "Router ID"

    Anyone to pimp this package a bit? I would post a bounty, but can't exactly tell "fix this or that".
    In general there should be some input validation checking, maybe better descriptions, etc.
    E.g. in Settings/Networks it says "…If set to connected... ...if set to static..." - What do I enter into the field? IP of network - but where to enter connected or static? On the status page: Display a full feed table in a shorter manner, e.g. with an expand/collapse option, etc.

    Who is in to fix this? Who is in to increase the bounty? e.g. add another USD100?


  • No, the router IP.  The IP that it will bind to.

  • OK. Thanks. So I guess if I want it to listen to all IPs on this machine, I add another

    BTW: Who is the best person to talk to regarding pimping the package a bit? Who did the first portion?


  • No, right now it will only listen on one ip if you assign an IP.  Going from memory it listens on . if it is left blank.

    And it was me that created the package.  Start a bounty for improvements.

  • OK. Tnx.

    When you look at my fairly uncomplete list at the first post, what do you think can be done.
    I will open a bounty 100USD first to to some error checking and make the GUI more intuitive
    (e.g. radio button or checkbox for "static" or "connected", etc.) and as another guy (Mauve?) mentioned
    make the list of routes collapseable/expandable.
    then I guess filtering needs to be implemented - that would probably be another bouty to open.
    I'm sure there are some guys that will help increase.

    What do you think?

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