Md5 and 256 checksum failure for latest amd64 version

  • None of the downloads from any of the official download locations for the latest amd64 build matches the md5 and sha256 checksums?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    well just checked from bluegrassnet mirror for the livecd

    MD5 (pfSense-LiveCD-2.2-RELEASE-amd64.iso.gz) = 5950866e1e9dca96c2792fa8d57f2056
    SHA256 (pfSense-LiveCD-2.2-RELEASE-amd64.iso.gz) = 98d87c03c02e4ae1b829b38faed2fd5d0d09e2e85d8c473ea65c0264799440b6

    CRC32: 8C3E96CD
    MD5: 5950866E1E9DCA96C2792FA8D57F2056
    SHA-1: 31EF16580CADBDE34E86903C4A93ED4CB6B70C7A
    SHA-256: 98D87C03C02E4AE1B829B38FAED2FD5D0D09E2E85D8C473EA65C0264799440B6

    sure looks like they match to me..  You go something going on with your download.

  • Thats weird.

    ![2015-02-05 22-50-03.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/2015-02-05 22-50-03.png)
    ![2015-02-05 22-50-03.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/2015-02-05 22-50-03.png_thumb)

  • Ok, its ok now. it was a download problem.

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