2 Programs - 1 Open Port – Possible?

  • Is it possible to share one forwarded port with 2 programs? If so, what would the  NAT: Port Forward rules look like?

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    What programs where?  ???

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    No you can not forward the same port to different IPs..

    So you have 1 publicIP, and lets call it privateIP-A and privativeIP-B (for example and

    Now lets say they are both running http server and listen on port 80.. They can do that sure..  But what you can not do is forward publicIP:80 to both at the same time privateIP-A and privateIP-B

    Just not going to work..

  • The only way I can see to port forward to two internal systems is by using a load balancer. The load balancer splits the inbound traffic among a number of hosts behind it. So, for instance, you would have one port forward on your firewall pointing to the internal IP of the load balancer (I've used the incredibly simple-to-use ZenLoadBalancer for just this purpose), and then set up two or more hosts for the load balancer to forward the traffic onto. Useful if you're splitting http traffic load between hosts in your DMZ. If you don't mind editing config files, then HAProxy is also a very good load balancer - used by quite a few large, professional organisations.

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