Balance connections between wan's

  • have a machine setup with a single lan and 4 wan's of which 1 is USB adapter.
    issue im having is only 2 seam to be handling all of the traffic so i must have something configured wrong and cant quite put my finger on it.

    taken from the dashboard

    Wan 1          LAN                  Wan 2            Wan 3            Wan 4USB

    Packets In        32974   2395901   1651851 1340781       6494

    Packets Out      27537   2985570   1358385 1073242       6356

    Bytes In          8.59 MB   318.70 MB   1.85 GB         1.43 GB       615 KB

    Bytes Out        1.89 MB   3.29 GB           184.34 MB 161.91 MB      504 KB

    Errors In          0           0                   0                 0                 0
    Errors Out        0           0                   0                 0                 0
    Collisions          0           0                   0                 0                 0

    what i have setup  Gateway Group Name: joinedgateway Teir 1 set to all (Packet loss or high latency)

    under System: Gateways: Edit gateway Weight set to 1 for all and i've tried setting them to 1 2 3 4

    seams that just WAN 2 and 3 are doing all the work, I'm sure i've just missed something if someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

    if need more info or screens of sections let me know.


    (forgot to mention the usb adapter does not show in the Firewall: Traffic Shaper: Wizards so ive tried with just 3 configured and no configuration )

  • Your setup as described sounds good. As long as the gateway group has all 3 WANs on tier 1, and all 3 WANs are up, then they should share the load.
    If there are only a couple of flows/states of stuff downloading, then you can get an imbalance because actually each individual flow/state can only be dedicated to 1 WAN.
    And are your rules matching all the traffic and feeding into that gateway group?
    (I expect so, since you are seeing balanced traffic on WAN2 and WAN3.)

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