Help me understand why Ipsec is faster

  • Hello,

    We run nightly offsite rsync backups from my business to a NAS at home.  Both sides are connected via ipsec and pfSsense.  2.0 at office 2.1.5 at home. The connection at work is 10M down and 1.5M up.  Home is 20x2

    While setting up qos I noticed something.  The data transfer rate thru the vpn goes as high as 2.5-3.5M sustained and as high as 4.1, upstream.  I was told that there was no compression on ipsec and that it was time-warner allowing bursts.  This is longer than bursts and TWC does not give us bursting anyway.

    As a test, I port forwarded rsync at home and did a backup from work outside the vpn.  Speeds were 1.5-1.8 and only as high as 2.1

    Also, through ipsec the backups go about 6-7 hours, outside the tunnel they take >10 hours. ???

    How can ipsec move more data thru the same size pipe?

    As a side note, I am currently looking at the traffic graph outbound..2.8-3.34Mb/sec