Unable to ping dynamic leases through IPSec

  • Hello everybody,

    i've got a little problem with my IPSec Tunnel.

    The tunel is up between 2 networks <=>

    But i'm unable to ping dynamics leases through the tunel.

    When i ping a fixed lease from the 31.0/24 netword => e.g: => ping OK i've got an answer

    But for a dynamic lease  e.g : => I've got Request timed out.

    It's the same from the 81.0/24 to the 31.0/24 but from each network the local one is pingable and accessible. (e.g: ping 81.38 from 81.24)

    edit : i've updated to 2.2 but  it was the same problem on pfsense 2.1.5

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