No PING on LAN after inital PFsense setup but IP seems to be assigend correctly

  • Hello,

    I'm new to PfSense but I'm hoping I have missed something obvious but here goes:
    (This problem looks similar to this post but seems a little different)

    I have installed copy of PfSense basic console access working, Basic WAN / LAN port other ports not in use currently.
    em0 - WAN has picked up a IP from an upstream modem / router.
    em1 - LAN has picked up IP
    Laptop hanging of has been assigned by DHCP in pfsense

    The problem seems to be that there is no communication between the LAN port and the Laptop eg Pings fail from both ends but DHCP seems to have allocated correctly and its registered by ARP at both ends. (Obviously there is no GUI access only console)

    Any help or ideas as to what is maybe causing this problem would be appreciated


  • LAN and WAN are in the same subnet. That does not work.
    When plugging a system into an upstream private network for testing or whatever, make sure to first change the LAN IP/subnet to some private address space that does NOT overlap with what the WAN DHCP is about to receive.

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