Pfsense v2 book print?

  • Hey. is it possible to get the pfsense v2 book in a print/pdf version?
    i don't need the gold subscription and i live in Eu so i will prefer to get it in a pdf file so i dont have to pay the expensive taxes in eu :D

  • You can get the 3-year-old Definitive Guide from Amazon in either hardcover or Kindle. If you want the new updated version, Gold membership is your only route as of now.  This also give you access to the monthly hangouts and the video library of previous hangouts.

  • I did take a look at  the "old" pfsense book. but isn't it outdated? or can it still be used with pfsense 2.2?

  • Most of the conce[ts still apply.  There will be be GUI changes and some other stuff like Unbound but I would think 85% is the same.

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