Multi wan failover dont work need help

  • i am Using pfsense 2.1.5

    I try to create WAN fail over
    I used this guide
    Youtube Video

    and It does not work
    The second gateway is Always red

    I tried to to disconnect the first WAN

    And see if it works

    What am I doing wrong ?
    Or what am I missing ?

  • I guess WAN2 cannot reach that monitor IP
    I can ping that from my desk, so it is a real public IP that responds to ping.
    Get onto that 10.10.10.* upstream private subnet with some other device and see if it actually can reach the internet…

  • I checked from an address
    And there is Ping

    I use an old computer as a router
    Its wireless card goes to the Internet

    And its wired card distributes addresses (dhcp)
    the address of the wired card is (static)

  • Now I look closer - your selection of DNS servers to WANs in General System is the reverse of your use of monitor IPs on the WAN gateways. Both of those rely on forcing the traffic to those IPs out the particular WAN specified.
    If you use the same IP as a DNS server and monitor IP then the 2 uses of the IP must be on the same WAN.
    I guess there could/should be some validation for that.

  • make it
    like this ?

    steel no good

    just now I noticed that latency is High  on 200
    Usually between 8 and 13

  • This message appears a lot on the General tab

    kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for

  • After a lot of digging
    And Help
    The issue is resolved

    The problem was
    Router converted computer

    Yet there is something strange to me

    Why the latency is High
    on 65 now

    Usually between 8 and 13

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