Unread notices - cosmetic.

  • When clicking on an unread notice in the top right of the pfsense main menu, if you are on the system logs page, firewall tab, and click on an unread notice, the error message doesnt appear immediately under the unread notices notice, but page down. System log settings is set to 2000 messages, Show log entries in reverse order (newest entries on top) is enabled.

    Edit. If you are filtering your fw log, then evertime you click the filter button this triggers the appearance of the unread notice message in the top right again despite clicking the x in the pop up that appears halfway down the page.

    This happens in FF 35.0.1

  • It is fairly general. If I have a notice and go to a webGUI page that is longer than the screen, then scroll down to the middle/bottom of the page, then click the "unread notice" button, the page jumps back to the top and/but the Acknowledge All Notices popup appears somewhere down the page on the right-hand side.
    I am on Firefox 31.4.0ESR

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