• Hi,
    We have migrated from ESXi 5 to oVirt 3.5. But now we don't get pfSense to work in oVirt. Does anybody know how to configure the networks in oVirt in order to install pfSense.

    In ESX we use vSwitches (and there was a detail tutorial how to do this in pfSense manual), and everything works. But in oVirt, our only options seems to be to create VLANs for WAN and LAN and attach them to a NIC. When we boot pfSense we get no IP address for the WAN interface (we tried both static and dhcp).

    So, what we are looking for is some kind of tutorial of how to install pfSense in oVirt.


  • Hi, I have no problem running pfsense on ovirt

    i think you should either create a at least two vNIC on ovirt and attach it to the pfsense vm for WAN and LAN or PCI-passthrough a NIC to it