IMAP issues

  • I upgraded to 2.2 from 2.1.5 and broke IMAP I have checked on the wan side direct from the ISP modem and all is good.  ON the lan side no go for IMAP all my clients cannot connect to IMAP server I have checked the clients on a separate mobile solution and no issues….

    It is the pfsesne no rule changes no nothing.. wont work I even re-loaded it from scratch and lost all my VPN, CA, outbount nat rules I had for other systems.....  my lan any any is intact everything else works far as I can tell .. yet no traffic is getting to the wan side for IMAP.

  • Enable logging on your default rule on your LAN and try and connect to IMAP again.

    Please also list us the packages you have installed on your network and if you could show us what you're seeing in your system and LAN log that would be good too.

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