Netflix caching service

  • I have a brother who lives in the country and has satellite internet and Netflix. 3 movies will chew up his allotted 20GB a month in no time. The interesting thing about his satellite internet is that between midnight and 5am any bandwidth used doesn't count against the 20GB. So, being the IT guy that I am I started searching for some sort of way to cache Netflix in the middle of the night and I came across Nightshift by Aterlo Networks. It is still in Beta (free while in Beta) and currently only certain Asus routers are supported. There instructions is to take a 64GB thumb drive and run their installer (installers for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available) which formats and installs files to it. At that point you just plug it into the router. Having such limited supported hardware sucks so I thought why not see if this is something that someone could get to work on/with pfSense. Any thoughts? Any developer/programmer has an Asus router that they would be willing to check this out?

  • For years ISPs have been saying Netflix can't be cached. Since this has an install, I wonder if it proxies Netflix stream requests directly on the local machine and handle's caching that way. Maybe once the requests hit the network, they're too obscure to cache.

  • Easy answer is PlayOn, more specifically the PlayLater app. It allows you to download the videos for personal use onto a PC. I use it to download entire seasons to watch on my PVR and to get some shows for the kids too. The nice thing is they currently have a sale going on.

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