Network Structure

  • I wasn't sure where to ask this, because I'm not exactly that experienced with configuring firewalls and what not, but here goes:

    I have a P3 550 box I want to setup pfSense on.  What I want to do, is setup all of the personal computers in the house on a separate LAN, and have another LAN where I can setup a server to where if that server got compromised, there would be an acceptable low risk that the private LAN would also be compromised.  I have a few NICs laying around and might want to run a wireless router off of one of them for a separate wireless network to.

    What's the best way to go about doing this?


  • Yes, just add a nic per network that you want to seperate and hook up a seperate switch to each segment. Other option is to use a vlan switch but that might turn out to be more expensive and is a bit more work to configure as you have to configure the switch as well.

  • Cool, so a cheap switch running off of each NIC would suffice?  If that's the case i'll buy a couple $12 trendnet's

  • Yep. The seperation of the networks will be done with firewallrules by pfSense.

  • Awesome, thanks :)

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