Pfflowd - Service Won't Start Since Latest Update

  • I have been having an issue with some firewalling, and was going to do some troubleshooting this morning, but it seems like I haven't gotten any exports from the pfflowd package since my upgrade to 2.2-Rel on Jan 26.  Is anyone else running 2.2-Rel and pfflowd package v.0.8 pkg v1.0.2?  Is there another package that replaced it for NetFlow-type flow monitoring and reporting?  I have rebooted both systems, and reinstalled the package with the same result (all config looks fine).


  • So, for reference, I see these system log messages when trying to start pfflowd:

    pfflowd[18497]: pfflowd listening on pfsync0
    kernel: pfsync0: promiscuous mode enabled
    pfflowd[18561]: pfflowd listening on pfsync0
    pfflowd[18497]: Unsupported pfsync version 5, exiting
    pfflowd[18561]: Unsupported pfsync version 5, exiting
    kernel: pfsync0: promiscuous mode disabled

  • So, I downgraded one system to 2.2-RC and still have the same problem with pfflowd.  Seems like the latest package update broke something.  I always get the error message pfflowd[7986]: Unsupported pfsync version 5, exiting when trying to start the service.  Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?


  • Looks like FreeBSD 10.1 has newer pfsync protocol, which is not compatible with the previous version used on pfSense 2.1:

    From: pfsync(4)

         The pfsync	protocol and kernel implementation were	significantly modified
         in	FreeBSD	9.0.  The newer	protocol is not	compatible with	older one and
         will not interoperate with	it.

  • Well, that's sort of good news.  At least it's not just me doing something wrong.

  • Any way to fix this?  Should this package even be listed as the 2.2 platform?

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