Community AMI Images for AWS?

  • Hello!

    I am doing some prototyping on AWS's Virtual Cloud Platform (VCP) and wanted to use the Community pfSense images (as referenced in this blog post)

    I can find the "Netgate pfSense Certified" AMI for 2.1.5 (ami-b8de68d0) listed under "community amis", but when I go to launch it, the AWS console refers me to the AMI Marketplace page to agree to terms and fees, so I'm assuming that's not the "community" AMI, but instead related to the paid product.

    Searching the community AMIs for "pfsense" only returns the Netgate AMIs and one ancient pfSense 2.0 AMI it looks like somebody put together.

    Is there an updated list kept anywhere of the Community AMI images?  Google and forum searches have not yielded useful results.


  • See comment #34

    The ‘free’ AMIs are gone. We dropped the price on the remaining AMIs.
    By paying for the AMI, you help support the project.

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