2.2 Traffic Shaping Wizard issue

  • I'm trying to use the Traffic Shaping Wizard with CBQ on LAN and WAN, but I get the following error:

    Custom Bandwidths are greater than 30%. Please lower them for the wizard to continue.

    This makes no sense because the only thing I am enabling is prioritization of VOIP, and setting the upstream SIP server using an alias.  I'm setting the connection speed at 30 mbits down , and 10 mbits up; then setting bandwidth guarantee to 300 kbits for VOIP.  No issues doing this on 2.1.5.

    When I do the same for HSFC, wizard completes but the floating firewall rules are not complete (does not include the SIP alias).

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


  • I had the same issues.  Eliminate VoIP and the selection after it and it completed I believe.

  • Thanks - hopefully this is captured as a bug.

    I was under the impression that we report issues here first before it can be submitted to redmine.  Please correct me if there an official way to submit bug reports.

  • i usually report the issue on the forum and see if another users have the same issue then open up a ticket in redmine. I'll reference the post in the ticket and share the bug report link in the forum post

  • Thanks Cino.

  • I came across the same issue this morning, running 2.2-RELEASE.  Does anybody know if there is a ticket open for this issue?  Or where to search the ticket system?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It depends on what the actual bug is. There have been some fixes after 2.2 for the wizard for a similar issue, it could be related to this one or the same one.

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