Map traffic for external IP to internal IP

  • I need to remap IP traffic for a host on the Internet to a host inside my firewall.

    I've done some digging around, but haven't come up with a clear understanding of how to do this.

    Help/hints welcome.



  • If you access the targeted server via an URL you can add this URL on the DNS forwarder and set the IP to your internal IP.

  • Unfortunately, I have Flash files that are hardcoded to make remoting calls to the IP address directly.  So, no DNS lookups are being performed.


  • I'm guessing by the stony silence this question has accumulated, this isn't something that pfsense is going to help me with.

    In the meantime, I came up with an alternate solution.  I setup a vpn connection to my internal server using OpenVPN.  I created a new interface with the external host's IP.  I setup a route for that IP from my workstation across the vpn.

    So, whenever I need to take over the external site's IP, I activate the vpn connection.

    I supposed using a proxy server on the pfsense box would be a way to go to keep the solution on the firewall box.


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