Squid non-transparent local subnet bypass

  • I am looking for a way to bypass the local subnet on a computer which is configured to use the Squid proxy on my Pfsense box.

    I have one laptop which is set via registry to use the Squid proxy exclusively, it's a windows 7 home computer. I am trying to bypass the proxy for the local subnet only but I can't seem to figure out how.

    I know the transparent mode allows for bypass but I don't want to subject everyone in the house to the web site filtering for the one who can't behave.

    The issue is really related to scanning documents from our all in one printer to the laptop. I can't seem to connect from the AIO printer to the laptop directly like I can all the other devices.


  • It's on browser's connection/proxy config tab.

    Check do not proxy localnetworks and/or add your internal ip/network on exclusion list.

    Then, save config and restart your browser.

  • I did try that and had no luck.

    under "do not use proxy for addressed beginning with" i have:

    Still using the proxy internally.

  • It's a browser related config. Not pfsense or proxy. If you are on internet explorer try a real browser instead.

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