Jetway MB's solution

  • I have been looking at the Jetway ITX systems as a final solution that I might be able to standardize my systems for SMB's.  I have been looking at the Jetway C3's.  My customers run from 5 users to 75 per location.  Since most are running M$ SBS 2003 they do not use VPN that much but if they do I can't see them going over 5 simultaneous remote vpn users.  Some need 100mbit wirespeed to the DMZ but none have more than 5 mbit to the internet.  I have read that people have had problems with the jetway products in specific their ethernet daughter cards.  Before I start buying the equipment for testing I would appreciate some feedback as to if this equipment is powerful enough?  Also if I should expect problems.  So far I have been using Dell's small form factors and HP's small form factors and they work flawlessly.  I now am looking to have a more professional look so that I can have a box with my company label and a powered by FreeBSD/pfSense since I am planning to really push this solution in my area to SMB's.  If someone know of a cheaper configuration please 1 up me  ;D

    $60.00    JetWay J627F800-OC VIA C3
    $35.00    JetWay Model JAD3RTLANP  3 x 10/100
    $21.99    512 MB Memory
    $26.99    Addonics IDE to CF Adapter (Works with Microdrives)
    $25.00    4 Gb Compact Flash
    $60.00    CPU Case

    About $230 Plus Tax (Maybe)

  • If you don't need more than three interfaces, the Alix's are great little boxes. You can put one together for under $200 and they've got a mini-pci slot for a wireless/crypto card.

  • I use a JetWay board with that same add on card. Has worked flawlessly so far.

  • I have a similar system to what you propose but with the single 10/100 LAN port daughter board. It works fine running Smoothwall. I'm looking to change to pfSense.

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