• Hi

    I'm using pfsense 2.2 with a he.net tunnel and several dual-stack subnets.
    The only things i miss is DDNS with DHCPv6 clients.
    DDNS is working for DHCPv4 clients but not for DHCPv6 clients.
    Is there a how-to or tutorial for the DHCPv6 Server and the DNS Resolver?

    Many thanks for your help in advance.


  • I'm having the same issue.  I originally had IPv6 set up to track the 6rd connection on the WAN interface, but later switched to a static LAN IP with the DHCPv6/RA server, but even with that, I still only ever get IPv4 addresses in DNS (except for static mappings).  Google hasn't been much help, and I can't find anything helpful in the pfSense documentation, beyond settings for the IPv4 mappings.  Any suggestions?

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