How does openbgp choose between 2 sessions

  • Hi,

    We have small BGP configuration at our office against our upstream provider.
    At first we started with one uplink to our provider, but now we have 2 uplinks for the same provider for redundancy purposes.

    For the first uplink we have configured 2 boxes with PFsense where we run carp on the inside interface, and BGP on the outside interface.
    This has been working great with the BGP configuration depending on the active carp interface.

    Now we want to add another BGP session on both of our PFsense boxes, but I can fingure out how BGP whould choose what session to use.

    My intention is to make 2 sessions on both PFsense boxes. One for each uplink.
    I still want to use carp on the inside interface, but how will the active pfsense box choose what uplink to use.

    I will be very thankfull, if someone have an explenation on how we can configure this scenario

    Best regards,
    Daniel Bielefeldt

  • Any hint in the right direction whould be great. Is my explanation of our configuration clear enough or can I do anything for others to better understand what I'm trying to achieve ?

    Best Regards,
    Daniel Bielefeldt

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