I need one more IP on the WAN

  • Hello,

    I tried in couple of ways to set a secondary IP that was assigned to me by my ISP on the WAN interface.
    The thing is this:
    I need to bypass a proxy at work that is filtering all traffic except port 80. So I figured out that if I will be using a "route all traffic OpenVPN tunnel" that will listen on port 80 and it set on TCP (not on UDP), I can create an OpenVPN config file that will exit through that proxy server at work, out to port 80 on my secondary IP and then I will be routing all my traffic, unrestricted through that tunnel.
    The thing is that what I'm trying to do here is a little peculiar, no one ever needed such a setup and all guides involve NATting and stuff.
    All I want is to be able to have this secondary IP bound to my existing WAN interface and being connectable from the outside world. Now it's not connectable (assuming the settings I've done were correct).

    Any ideas?


  • Use CARP since local services on pfSense cannot bind to PARP type VIP's.

    I dont see any problem (using a similiar setup right now).

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