Welp, I screwed up and cannot access my FW-7551

  • Hi,

    I accidentally disabled ipv4 connectivity to my new appliance, and cannot connect to it any longer.  I did enable ipv6 via DHCP6 but have no idea how to connect to it.  Any suggestions?  I tried to power down the appliance, hold in the reset button, and let it boot fresh in the hopes that would bring it back to factory settings but that doesn't appear to be working.


  • Hi,

    Hook yourself up to the console port, re-init pfSEnse - and be happy: now you know why you have that backup copy of the config of pfsense.
    Upload a copy (you should access the psSense web interface on the LAN port now) and enjoy ;)

    Btw: I don't have any experience with appliances like http://store.pfsense.org/FW-7551/ - but looking at the manual, a way out doesn't look to hard to me.

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    Doesn't re-initting the LAN IP on the console put the anti-lockout rules back?  That or you can reset to factory.  Sounds like you have physical access, just jump on the console.

  • Well - Assuming IPV6 is running, you need to know the IPV6 LAN address.

    Then just https://[2001:FFF:FFFF:1::1]/

    (Use your LANs IP)

    OR, just restore the box?

  • Thanks for the replies, total noobie here so please bear with me.  As of now, I don't have a serial port and no immediate access to a serial to USB adapter.  Is anyone familiar with the reset routine?  I see the button on the back, I press it at boot up, and nothing seems to happen.  I'm not sure when and how I should be hard resetting the box but documentation is scarce from what I can tell.

    How would I determine what the IPv6 address is for this thing?

  • So, lets say you hook up a linux machine to your LAN, like Linux Mint or UBUNTU.
    And lets also assume that your pfsense is handing out IPV6 addresses on the LAN.

    Then in a command tool, type:

    traceroute6 ipv6.google.com

    The hop with 1. beside it should be your LAN IP.

    Thats if IPV6 isn't also broken and if you use a linux machine.

  • Yeah, I don't have one of those lying around.  I just sucked it up and ordered a USB to serial adapter and will reset via console tomorrow.

    Lesson learned!

  • You can always live-boot linux CDs without installing linux for things like this.
    Keeping a linux DVD laying around for things like this is smart.

  • Back in business, connected via console and reset configuration.

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    Nice.  :)
    Having access to the serial console is well worth the investment.


  • And knowing your IPs is equally useful (-;

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