Problem with internet access via pfsense router

  • Hello everyone,

    I just installed pfsense 2.x on a esxi5.0

    The goal is to manager with several vm ip failovers (router, NAT and DHCP)

    Here is my IP configuration (ip are false but this is for example ^^^)

    ESXi public IP:
    IP gateway ESXi:
    IP FAILOVER: 212212212212
    MAC IP failover: 00: 56: 21: 52: 52: 52:

    I also created a vswitch for LAN on esxi

    I configured the WAN & LAN card online control pfsense
    And creates the static route in order to have internet access from client virtual machines

    route add -link -iface em0

    route add default

    from my virtual machine seven (which is recovering well a pfsense router's DHCP ip), I can ping the outside (dns google, etc etc) with no problem.

    With a ping -a no problem either

    However when I open a browser, nothing appears

    Must specify a DNS on pfsense to get out?

    Best regards

  • Well, you must specify DNS on your clients to get out [onto the internet]. Is your firewall acting as your DHCP server and if so does it have your DNS servers specified in the scope parameters? If you can run a command prompt from one of your clients and type the following: "nslookup" and you get an answer in return, then DNS - or lack of it - is probably the problem.

  • Hi,

    my customer vm (windows seven), the command: nslookup
      answer me:

    non-authoritative answer

    Addresses: 2a00:1450:4007:806::1011

    Best regards

  • Ok, so what happens if you just type 'nslookup', leaving out the ''? Do you still get a reply? If not, then the problem is that your client doesn't have a valid DNS server defined in it's network config. If you do get a positive reply, then the issue is probably with the browser you're using - aka: it will have a proxy server set in the browser config which doesn't exist, or something like that.

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