BeginnerQ: can pfSense help me figure out why my internet went down at home?

  • I'm running pfSense 2.2 on a pfSense box at home to learn about hardware firewalls, etc.  We lost internet this morning (FiOS). Is there any log on the pfSense I can look at to try to figure out why?  The FiOS box connects directly into the pfSense.  Any logs I can find begin after the reboot.

    Clark Venable

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    What reboot?

    If it's a nano install I'm pretty sure your logs are gone unless you syslog to another server.  If it's a full install they should all still be there.

    From the shell you can, for example, clog /var/log/gateways.log | less and get access to everything pfSense has available.  The logs are circular so new entries overwrite old ones.  How much logging you have depends on how active that partucular log is.

    ls /var/log to see the available log files.

  • Yup, it's a Nanobsd install.  I rebooted when internet was down because that was always my solution before I bought the pfSense–reboot all devices and internet works again.

    So lesson learned is, (correct me if I'm wrong), don't reboot until I look at the logs, or else they'll be gone.

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    Or set up a syslog server and log to that.

    Log files are not retained across reboots

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