The ping to lan(pfsense) doesnt works

  • Iam using a crossover to connect my laptop to lan pfsense but it doesnt works, requested timed out? I want to use the browser to setting it up.

  • Did you configure the pfSense so it has an IP?

  • Did you run through the assign interfaces process on the console? What hardware are you using?

  • I have computer desktop intel pentium IV, 256 ram, 40 Hd. two  network card. I am ready install pfsense, just for that machine. after that with my laptop I try to connect it using a crossover, in that way i can configure via browser the pfsense.? there is something wrong

  • The initial configuration is performed via the console.  Until you have done that, and assigned at least a LAN IP, you cannot use the browser.

  • @slicknetaaron2:

    I seriously wish the devs would put a default config in!  It is SUCH a pain in the butt!

    All systems have different nics. Only systems with 2 sis nics will work out of the box (as this was the default to match the old soekris and pcengines boxes. You have to install the system anyway from console (when using a full install) so I don't understand where the problem is. It's just a few keystrokes. Embedded systems are a bit different though but as we want one image for different platforms we can't make default configs that will suit every hardware and we don't want to provide lots of different images for lots of different hardware.

  • Hello am new pfsense user

    I am just know just finished installing pfsense. My prolem is I cannot access webgui through my Lan. Am doing ping test form pfsense to my LAN and it successfull but from my LAn ping to pfsense box is failed. Am not sure why.

    My configuration

    LAN: Subnet:

  • A fast test would be to boot from the cd and only select the wan and lan nic. ( Remember a switch or crossover cable between your pfSense box and the test pc ).

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