Multiple WAN's - routing or rules issue?

  • Hello everyone… my first attempt at an active/active setup.

    Here's my config.

    Gateway A
    Gateway B

    single subnet, no vlans.

    Gateway A has an Exchange server and OWA pointed at it from the internet.  Rules have been created.  Works fine.
    Gateway B has a web server on it and has DNS pointed to it from the internet.  Rules have also been created.  Doesn't work.

    My rules basically look like this:

    IF: gateway A
    Dest addr: gateway A
    Dest port: 80
    NAT IP: Exchange server
    NAT port: 80

    That works.

    IF: gateway B
    Dest addr: gateway B
    Dest port: 80
    NAT IP: Web Server
    NAT port: 80

    That does not work.

    What am I missing?


  • Some things to check:

    • do you have both NAT and firewall rules to allow port80 traffic to pass to your webserver on the "B" interface?

    • does the ISP for WAN B possibly block inbound port80?

    post screenshots

  • pfsense webgui might run on port 80 …. make absolutely sure this isn't an issue in your situation

    check the default route on the webserver ... you sure its pointed at the pfsense ?

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