Adding and removing shaper repeatedly causing interface crash on 2.2

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    Can someone test this if you are seeing the same?

    0. Make a backup of your shaper settings if you have some in place, remove the shaper after that.
    1. Go to Firewall - Traffic Shaper - WAN, set up a quick shaper like this (The bandwidth does not matter for this test, can be empty as well.)

    Press Save, Apply.

    2. Browse for a minute or two to check that the shaper is in place and works (Status - Queues).
    3. Remove the shaper.
    4. Wash, rinse, repeat steps 1-3 a couple more times if still alive.

    This managed to kill WAN in 3-4 cycles on any box I tried. PPPoE with DHCP, cable modem with fixed IP, … does not matter. (Probably "works" with other interfaces as well... just not keen on trying and cutting myself off the firewall ATM  ::))

    Cptn. Obvious notes: Do NOT test this on a remote box! Do NOT test this on LAN interface if you don't have physical/serial console attached to reboot the box.

  • Confirmed.

  • @doktornotor:

    Can someone test this if you are seeing the same?

    1st time the box (Alix2d13) went slow responsiveness after a full load download & browsing. The 2nd time after removal of Shaper WAN died. States reporting went out of control. Like 8 on the Status: Dashboard, some 170 more on Diagnostics: Show States.

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    Thanks everyone so far - bug reported: (if someone else wants to kill their box temporarily, feel free to help :D)

  • Any backtrace or it just stalls?

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    Any backtrace or it just stalls?

    No backtrace here… On PPPoE, you can manually disconnect and reconnect if you are patient enough to wait for many many minutes because the GUI is almost unresponsive. On anything else, only a reboot fixes this.

  • Aside this, i also realized from Status >> RRD Graphs >> Queues & QueueDrops for WAN are missing too, another Codel specific cosmetic bug?

    Related system log: ""php-fpm[245]: /status_rrd_graph_settings.php: RRD create failed exited with 1, the error is: ERROR: you must define at least one Data Source""

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