NAT Port forwarding changes not taking effect

  • I have a pfSense 2.1.5 box setup with a couple port forwarding rules, one directing VNC into a PC, a second directing SSH to a router. We are trying to move the port forward from the router to the machine running VNC to use SFTP to transfer files. I deleted the router SSH NAT rule, and firewall rule. Created the new NAT port forward rule and the linked firewall rule was correctly created. However I still get the login prompt from the router instead of the server. Packet captures, and state tables on the firewall do confirm the traffic is still sending to the routers IP instead of the PC. The correct rules are in place, I suspect that a firewall reboot will correct the issue. However, I am sure there is a better way to do this that doesn't interrupt all traffic anyone have any suggestions on how to correctly reload the NAT translations without rebooting the firewall.

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