PPPOE weired issues

  • Hiya,

    I have installed pfsense in the following configuration:

    wan => netgear dgn2000 in modem mode => pfsense which does authentication of the broadband.

    Broadband is a adsl2 getting about 3 mbps download and aout 1 mbps upload.

    Now what seems to happen is the connection keeps dropping or will go off completely.

    If i log on pfsense, the wan interface does not has an ip and I need to either reboot the pfsense box or the netgear to get it going again.

    The adls link on the netgear is always fix and connected so I am assuming that the issue is on pfsense.

    Pfsense is 2.1.5

    Can anyone advise please.

    BT has recently tested the full line and replaced all the cables but issue remains.

    I have currently change the setup to where I have put a bt2700hgv as a router and put the firewall in the dmz to pass the external ip to pfsense and the connection is very very stable.

    I have also tried to replace the netgear router twice before changing over to the bt2700hgv.
    Please anyone help



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