Cisco 3750 behind pfsense

  • OK I've read multiple forums on Herr and can't seem to figure out my problem.  My network was working fine under untangle but I wanted to give pfsense ad blocking a go.  Here is how its setup

    ISP(modem/router with the public IP set to pass through to pfsense) <======> pfsense <====>Cisco 3750 operating as dhcp server router and has SVIs on it.

    VLAN 20 -
    VLAN 10 -
    VLAN 40 -

    I have a NP switchport link set between pfsense an 3750 with a /30 mask

    Pfsense -
    3750 -

    A static default route is configured on the 3750 as follows via

    I added the routes statically and with RIP comfigured.  The 3750 can ping the outside world aka the internet it can ping the pfsense box and all client machines.  The pfsense box can ping the outside world and the 3750 along with all clients connected to it.  My clients however can not ping past the IP address given to my 3750 that connects it to the pfsense box.  I have no clue what I am doing wrong and any help is greatly appreciated!



  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Did you create NAT rules under Firewall > NAT, Outbound Tab for all the subnets pfSense doesn't have interfaces for?  You will have to change it to Manual, or, if on 2.2,  Manual or Hybrid.

    Just duplicate what it did for the 192.168.2 network automatically but for the other networks.

  • if i wanted to turn pfsense into bridge mode how would i configure this on a 3750 switch? I followed this guide to bridge Firewall-Filtering Bridge - pfSense 2.0.2 By William Tarrh.pdf

    but am having trouble getting my PS4 out of a NAT type 3.  I figured putting the router in bridge mode would make things a little simpler when it comes to getting by the NAT type 3 as right now i think i have a double NAT issue

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