Choosing a UPS

  • I was thinking of getting a nice low wattage UPS for my firewall. I want to get something good and will work well with a USB connection and PFSense.

    Any recommendations? I was just thinking of a 700VA APC Desktop model.

    This looks possible:

    Even 1Gb surge, which would be nice since my ONT does feed my IPTV Set Top boxes, which are not all surge protected.

  • Don's waste your money on that one. If it has only single 9Ah battery it will not give you much more longer battery run time. Just go with BN600G for half price when on sale at Office Depot, Staples or Best Buy. If you want to buy something that will run for longer time look for battery backup with two sealed lead acid batteries.

  • That definitely seems like a good possibility. One thing that stands out is that model doesn't officially support a 1Gb RJ45. Run times don't matter much since I just need it to last long enough for about 1 minutes plus a safe shutdown. Unless there is another way to easily surge protect my WAN, I see that as a benefit.

  • I use the BN600G, costs about $55 from Staples recently.

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