Inbound SIP randomizing

  • So I've been noticing on the firewall logs that a customer's SIP service provider is sending SIP traffic but the destination port is being randomized.
    Source port is 5060.
    The setup consists of internet devices, no SIP server on the network.
    Is there any way to forward that traffic even though it's being randomized into the phone network without a separate public IP and doing 1:1 NAT?
    My concern about doing 1:1 NAT is security.

  • Change you sip port ranges to static port on outbound NAT.

  • ok, just made the change from static "NO" to static "Yes"
    Guess I need to wait for the server to register the port change and start returning on the same port?

  • I still see incoming ports randomizing.

    Anyone have any more ideas?