Install pfsense in a datacenter

  • pfsense installation in datacenter (config questions)

    I have been using pfsense for a couple of years at home but now i am placing a server in a datacenter with some virtual machines on it and have some questions.

    I was thinking to work with a wan, lan and dmz interface but i got for starters 2 public ip adresses and could ask more of needed which i will.

    The mail from where i am going to install the server and pfsense box stated the following.

    I reserved 2 prublic addresses for you (for starters) one for your firewall (wan side) and one for your virtual machine. What i find strange that they are in the same range so i can't work with a dmz …

    How would i go configuring this ?  Any help or a good link appreciated .. (1:1 nat mapping ? ) or something else ? And if so don't you need an actual fysical interface for every ip ? IPv4 IPv4 
    Gateway: - Subnet:

    thanks in advance

  • Could the solution be virtual ip's and one to one nat ? (did some research)

  • yes you can create a virtual IP and then 1:1 NAT it to your internal IP. Don't forget to add firewall rules to allow traffic on the ports you need (80, 25 etc). I have done it this way and it works.

  • thanks for your reply

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