DHCP totally not working right

  • Hello,

    I am a newbie to pfSense and Linux, I used to run a SmoothWall firewall but I'm attracted by the many features pfSense offers.
    My system is a Intel pentium 64-bit dual-core with 3 Realtek NIC's build in and one present on the mainboard.
    I used the psSense 64-bit, 2.2 release.
    To get started I kept things simple, the build in NIC is connected to my NetGear router so this is the WAN card re0, IP v4 address 192.168.1.x
    The LAN card rl0 has an IP address of /24
    I wanted a DHCP pool of to I set the DHCP server using the console as well a the web-based gui.
    No matter what I do my clients sometimes get an IP adress of 10.0.100.x of course now I'm writing this post everything works as intended.

    Has anyone got similar problems with the setup of the DHCP server?

    I also should mension that I started with a more complex set up, including a NIC for my WAP and one for a DMZ.
    I realized that I should go for a simple configuration to get used to the web-interface and the many features of pfSense.
    So I reinstalled the hole thing using the console.
    Could it be that there are some configuration settings kept from the first install ? (I don't think so since the HDD is formatted and overwritten).

    Sorry for the poor English (I'm Dutch)
    Thanks in advace,


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You are getting DHCP from somewhere else, not pfSense.  Make sure there are no other DHCP servers on your network.  The client might tell you what it thinks its DHCP server is (ipconfig /all in windows, for instance)

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