WishList: Back/Restore interfaces section does not restore bridges

  • I have a typical PFSense box with internal WIFI setup. In order to setup a WIFI as a normal access point. You have to create a bridge in the interfaces section to merge it with the LAN.

    All fine and good, until the day you have to update or partially restore a backup.

    In the interfaces section (of the xml) certainly saves all the data for the interfaces. But the section where the bridge0 is described is in the Gateway section. Which as far as I can see "cannot" be loaded partially from a backup.

    If you attempt to restore just the interfaces. You will always end up with a bricked pfsense box because it is missing the bridge and you "cannot" create a bridge from the console.

    The only way to do this is to restore the entire backup, which picks up the dnsmasq and gateway sections which describes the bridge. But your usually doing a partial restore because something is broken and don't want a full restore in the first place. Or in my case just updating to 2.2.

    This is especially nasty If you have a DHCP server pointing to this bridge and rules (which has to have a pass rule to work at all) only on this bridge (since the real LAN not used anymore). So it is a mess even if you try to redirect the LAN temporarily so you can gain access to the gui and repair it. Since your bridge is using your default IP so an ip conflict happens.

    So can someone please include the bridge section into the interfaces section so it can be partially restored? And/or allow creating bridges from within the Console?

    Also it would be nice if pfsense also automatically creates a default 80/443 Pass rule on newly created interfaces just like it does on the LAN, since pfsense will also be bricked after an partial interface restore if you forget to do this and this new bridge is your ip to your gui.

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