WishList: Add the ability to have named backups to the console menu

  • This is such an important feature I can't understand why this is missing. But the first and foremost feature that should be available in the console menu is the ability to backup and restore the config.xml file.

    Yes I am aware of the config history and the ability to restore from that. But this is guesswork because you can easily make a change and it generates a couple of config histories. And the system itself adds it's own config's into the history. All without a name.

    All that needs to happen is from the Console the user can "save" a config by name as a local file (or from a set configs on a usb stick). And to restore just bring up this named list and let the user pick from it.

    I can't tell you how many times I have had to fully restore a pfsense box because I somebody bricked it and either went too far back in config history or couldn't be sure where which config in history has the latest changes and worked.

    Sure you can probably open up the shell and do this with a few commands. But if I have somebody who calls me up and says my pfsense box is broke. And expect them to restore it on the phone it's a nightmare.

    It would be the simplest thing to preload the pfsense box with a set named configs for every occasion and setup. Since the console is always working this is the place to do it.

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