Multiple MAC per static IP address?

  • Hello, all.

    I am trying to move my DNS & DHCP over to my pfsense because of my current solution is show its age and keeps breaking.

    Anyway, for years now, I have used static reservations/leases for my laptops. Some of the laptops have both a hardwired NIC and a wireless NIC.  In every other solution I have used, I have simply added either two records or two MAC addresses in the DHCP entry, but pfsense 2.2-RELEASE (amd64)  will not let me.  Is there a way to do it in pfsense?



  • I just ducked the issue, for example hp5000 when wired and hp5000w when WiFi connected. Minor aggravation once in a while but it avoids any problems when they connect wired and wireless at the same time.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So pfsense is your first solution that isn't broken ;)

    You can not have reservations for 2 different macs for the same IP.  This could cause a duplicate IP issue..

    This concept of putting same IP on either a wired or wireless is pointless..  Why would anyone want or need to do that??  For one - wireless should really be on its own segment in any real setup.  If you want to run with broke setup then change either your wired or wireless to have the same mac - there you go problem solved ;)

    If on the same segment, then they should have or get different IPs because they have different macs what does it matter if when wired and when wireless ?  If you need firewall rules use both IPs and setup 2 different reservations.  If need be change your segment to /23 and wireless get and wired get makes it easy.

    Why is it you think these 2 different interfaces need to have the same IP address?  Dynamic dns registration removes the issue of having 2 different names, etc.  If they are wired host.yourdomain.tld points to the wired IP, if wireless host.yourdomain.tld points to wireless IP.

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