Drop Packets in RRD quality graph

  • I have spent the last few days trying to find why my router is dropping packets on the WAN. I have switched network cards, I have changed montering setting on the WAN, and looked for errors on the modem with no per val. The system logs are not helping me find the issue as well. Would some one on this form be able to review the screen shots of the RRD graph and point me in a direction to reduce/eliminate the drop packets?

    The network topology breifly stated is charter modem | PFsense i3 box | 8 port Netgear gigabit switch |2 Netgear AP.

  • Might be jumping ahead a little here as there maybe other things that could be checked.  But perhaps get a network capture of ICMP to see if the packets are being dropped within your network and whether on ingress or egress, or if the response is failing to be returned from upstream.

    The results may provide some insight on where to look for the problem.

    Rebooting the modem is always a good shotgun approach.

  • Looks like the fun thats been going on with Apinger, but i do currently have an issue with my cable modem so don't trust the rrd graph data either way double check it by other means

  • Thank you NOYB and grandrivers for the helpful information.

    When looking at the packets I captured on the WAN I do see many re-transmission because of "TCP  new fragment overlaps the old". This leads me to believe it is on Charters end since it is their IP throwing the error.

    I also see some inconstancy with Apinger which makes me question the data in RRD graph as well.

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