Active Zabbix proxy failure

  • Hi,

    the zabbix proxy on pfsense 2.1.5 works in each mode (active and passive) without any problems.

    After updating the pfsense to 2.2 and though the zabbix proxy and client to 2.4.3 we have a problem. We also did the update for the Zabbix server to version 2.4.3

    Connecting the zabbix agent 2.4.3 directly to the zabbix server 2.4.3 works fine.
    Using the passive proxy mode with all versions 2.4.3 works fine.

    Using the active proxy 2.4.3 causes a problem. I can see the proxy connecting the zabbix server. But the configutation for the zabbix agents are not downloaded to the proxy.

    Are the any hints about problems like that.


  • Hello.

    I am using active proxy with 2.4 (agent/proxy/server).
    Maybe the database wasn't updated.
    Try to delete "/var/db/zabbix2/proxy.db" and restart your zabbix proxy.
    If it not fix, send the log please. (/var/log/zabbix2/zabbix_proxy.log).


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